​Born in Milwaukee, WI, Stillman graduated the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in advertising and psychology. He and his wife Loraine reside in Tucson, AZ.
     As an advertising creative executive, Stillman created such memorable campaigns as “This Bud’s For You” and many others for prestigious national clients. He left the ad biz to research and write his first book,
A Match Made in Hell.
     “Match” is a work of narrative non-fiction which dramatizes the real life experiences of a Holocaust survivor who, as a teenager in Poland, was rescued from near death and tutored in acts of sabotage by a notorious criminal-turned-mercenary. Published by the University of Wisconsin Press, it has garnered rave reviews and won multiple awards for both adult and mature young audiences.
     Stillman’s first novel is a work of well-received historical fiction entitled The Rope Catcher, about a Navajo code talker's journey of discover during and after WWII.
     Stillman has just completed a second historical novel with a paranormal theme,  Combustion, set in 19th century Nova Scotia. He has already started researching and writing another historical novel based on a little-known true story set in the Old West. And just to mix things up, he is also writing a series of wacky essays for inclusion in a humor book down the road.

     Stillman is also in demand as a speaker on the true stories behind his books. He has given talks in five different states and is currently developing a series of new presentations. You are welcome to contact the author at lstillman816@gmail.com.

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Larry Stillman