It is April of 1942, and 28-year-old Jimmie Goodluck leads an aimless existence on the Navajo reservation, where he knows only poverty, prejudice, and lack of opportunity. Everything changes when he hears a Marine Corps recruitment message over the shortwave radio. Without giving it a second thought, Jimmie heads out toward what he hopes will be a new and meaningful life.

As a marine recruit, Jimmie becomes a code talker. He and his small, all-Navajo platoon develop a highly classified code using the Navajo language—the only code in WWII the enemy cannot break. For the first time ever, Jimmie experiences equality, respect, and even admiration: everything he's dreamed about all his life. But it is only when he returns home four years later that he discovers the devastating truth about what can happen after your dreams come true.

​In this enthralling tale, hope, disillusionment, and redemption line Jimmie's journey of self-discovery as he immerses himself in a world war and in the turbulent changes that sweep across the Navajo Nation—forever changing his own destiny.

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This novel carries the proud endorsement of the Navajo Code Talkers Association. 

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In this compelling novel of dreams realized and lost, a Navajo marine help to create WWII's  secret, unbreakable code...only to face turbulent times when he returns home.